Title Curative

Title Curative specialists who can help resolve or “cure” defects on title of any ambiguous or erroneous real estate documents such as loan modifications, deed-in-lieu, short sale, bankruptcy, REO, CEMA, due diligence and liens.


  • Foreclosure/REO Title Resolution: Through the implementation of a research-driven approach and aggressive follow-up policy, we resolve issues such as prior liens, legal description errors, chain-of-title/ownership problems, and improperly perfected liens within the context of pre-or-post-sale foreclosure.
  • Deed in Lieu/Short-Sale Process: As part of our commitment to the cost-effective and efficient resolution of all mortgage-related matters, our company maintains a full support staff dedicated to properly analyzing the benefit of a potential deed-in-lieu transaction and managing all stages of such a transaction.  Our company engages in the offering, processing, and quality-controlled conclusion of a voluntary transfer of the property to our servicer and investor clients that obviates the need to conduct a foreclosure sale.  Through a closely-related service, our company conducts all steps necessary to conduct and advise our clients through the short sale process.
  • Title Claim Management: We file and manage title claims on behalf of our mortgage lending and servicing clients in order to properly protect the lender’s interest and ensure timely and effective processing by title underwriters, claim agents, and attorneys.
  • REO Disposition: Our REO Team partners with jurisdictional brokers, lenders, asset managers and attorneys to meet or exceed service level agreements. Our extensive experience in title insurance and legal real estate matters allows us to properly and professionally navigate through the most demanding matters associated with the real estate-owned market
  • Document Corrections: We resolve issues associated with defective closing documentation raised by a custodian or investor due to non-compliant instruments, defective acknowledgements, typographical errors, or more serious legal description errors.  Utilizing the resources of our national law firm, we professionally and compliantly contact borrowers for any necessary document re-executions.
  • National Litigation Services: We conduct efficient and cost-effective legal proceedings in all 50 states and the territories to resolve all real estate and mortgage-related issues.  Our in-house title curative team leverages our law firm to resolve cases where non-judicial resolution methods have been exhausted or have been confirmed to be futile.
  • Borrower Dispute and Customer Service Resolution: We assume the role of a partner to the servicer’s customer service team, resolving disputes and escalations regarding mortgage servicing issues and delayed recordation of mortgage satisfactions.
  • Mobile and Manufactured Home Conversion: We possess a working knowledge of Mobile/Manufactured Home conversion processes in all states, and perform the necessary steps to formally convert/affix a mobile home unit from a legal and title perspective.
  • Lien Release Assistance/Quiet Title Actions:  We resolve any and all issues associated with a servicer’s ability to satisfy a mortgage lien upon payoff due to missing assignments or any other standing or recording obstacles.  We identify, prepare, and secure assignments needed to complete a mortgage chain to allow for a proper discharge, while monitoring the servicer’s statutorily-imposed timeframe to record a satisfaction or reconveyance.  We are also able to utilize the most efficient legal proceedings available in each jurisdiction to resolve those release issues that cannot be resolved without judicial intervention.
  • Lien Reinstatements: In the case of an erroneously-discharged security instrument, we implement non-judicial and judicial methods (depending upon jurisdiction) to cancel the erroneously-issued satisfaction of record.  The objective of our satisfaction cancellation efforts is to reinstate our client’s security interest to the same level of recording priority as it existed prior to the issuance of the erroneous satisfaction.
  • CEMA Resolution: With decades of experience in the proper closing, funding, recording and sale of NY CEMA loans through our Law Firm, we cure CEMA deficiencies at any stage of a loan’s existence.
  • Territories: We operate in the territories, providing title searches, as well as various types of foreclosure and lien release assistance that are required in these jurisdictions.


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